Our work is to never forget!

We dedicate moments, hours, days and years donating time and money. But breast cancer is about the person diagnosed, fighting along with every person who knows or loves someone living with it. We remember those we lost so that we may live with the lessons they leave behind. We also dedicate our organization’s work to them, their families and the communities each life touched.


Susan Yates Mills (1947-2020)

Susan Mills, a retired Loudoun County teacher and administrator, left her mark in many ways in Loudoun County. After a successful career in the public school system and after surviving breast cancer, she became an avid and passionate volunteer to help others.

She helped establish the Loudoun Breast Health Network in 2007. She spent the last fourteen years raising funds to help breast cancer survivors who needed financial assistance.

She served as both president and secretary of the organization and recruited many to join the group including high school groups who helped with the fundraising efforts.

Her desire to help others continues through the organization with its mission to assist residents diagnosed with breast cancer through outreach and support.

Susan Yates Mills helped establish the Loudoun Breast Health Network in 2007.

We honor those on this page to serve as a reminder to make a conscious effort to cherish life.

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